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Concept Care & Consultancy Services Ltd

Staff training, Recruitment and Placement (temporary staffing)

The health care sector is constantly in motion in response to demographic, labour force, and service delivery change. Concept Care is a new organisation with a wealth of experience in the care industry and a good track record in healthcare staffing agency, offering deep workforce insight, innovation, and intuition built over accumulative years as a trusted support to large and small health care facilities and partner institutions. Our service delivery model and clinically advanced talent roster evolves ahead of the curve because having the agility and flexibility to anticipate and respond to existing and emerging sector needs is the core of our mandate.

Concept Care is health care’s workforce innovator, providing a broad range of care solutions and staffing services to Birmingham and surroundings health care facilities and to individual consumers. We pride ourselves on providing viable, intelligent staffing solutions that are not only accredited and responsive, but also transformative, changing the options and potential for both customers and health care professionals. For the very best in medical care, support & accommodation across Birmingham & the Midlands, we proud of our contributions.

Who We Are

Concept Care Services has a wealth of transferable experience of providing nurses and carers, to Nursing homes, Care homes and Hospitals in the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. We pride ourselves in the delivery of care that gives choice, independence, respect, and dignity to our clients. Knowing our clients, we build a very good rapport with the homes that we supply and the care we provide, responding promptly to clients' needs and addressing problems. We believe that we have very good working relationship with our clients and staff, providing an excellent service.


Range of Trainings

Our training is in-house and very soon we will be able to deliver Care standard training and many more regulatory training in the care sector.


Range of Health Sector Employments

Recruitment Agency source for nursing, care and allied health professionals, in the UK, the EU, and around the world

Anti Slavery Policy

Code of Conducts

We provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality in accordance with legislative provisions

Trusted Team
Care Solutions Provider


Our Consultancy services will deal with your current and future employment requirement.
We work alongside NHS staff, care home managers, social services, care coordinators & designated leads for establishing care & support for individuals who will soon be residing in the community. Our trained staffs available 24/365. The very best in medical care, support & accommodation across Birmingham & the Midlands.​

We are working hard to attain the requirements, of the Care Quality Commission and in complying with all of the necessary regulations and we are looking to expand our client group in line with our experienced staff and offer quality accommodation alongside the provision of care. We are confident that we can provide a highly competitive service at a competitive price

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