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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best care provider in the Midlands and across the United Kingdom. It is our Passion and Vision to create and evaluate a sustainable care sector where everyone will be treated fairly and squarely with adequate deserving care regardless of ethnic background.

Our Services

Our service users will be treated fairly with respect, dignity and be provided with the opportunity to make their informed choices. We will not stand in the face of any of our clients in regards to their choice of care and service


On the other hand, we serve our business clients’ needs with a full grasp of the demands of their activities, so that whatever their needs, we will look after them with care and attention to detail

Our Staff

To provide our clients with high quality, Carer and support worker, having the knowledge and skill to deliver the highest standards of care to the service users of our clients

About Us

We are a recruitment Agency source for nursing, care, and allied health professionals, in the UK, the EU, and around the world

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Our Staff

Our management staff are well trained and experienced in dealing with eventualities, surprises, preemption of events and quick action to rectify any issues. 

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Our Services

Our consultancy service will design and tailor a care package that is most suitable for our clients and service users.

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Our Aims

Is to facilitate independence through the maintenance of dignity, respect, value, and choice in a family-friendly environment.

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We take pride in our care and professional services that we render to individual service users in the comfort of their own private homes. We accept and provide services for Individual Budget and Self Funding in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond


Nurses are the core staff in the care sector and we are a leading provider and supplier of quality, experienced and qualified nursing staff of all grade in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond.Please free free to contact us for your qualified nursing requirement and employment

Care Assistant

Concept care will beat any organisation arms down in the recruitment and supply of well trained, vetted and experienced care assistance. Our words are our command and who hold ourselves extremely high in providing with a care staff and services that have no comparison in quality, action, and reaction at any time.

Training. Employment. Consultancy

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Care workers and support service

Our care workers and support services are excellent and we have no rival in the Midlands to the employment and supply of quality, qualified and experienced staff. We promise to exceed your expectation in the care of your loved ones and our supporting staff will keep you updated of any changes or development in the care of your loved ones


Our training is in-house and very soon we will be able to deliver Care standard training and many more regulatory training in the care sector. Please consult us first and foremost before contacting any order organisation in the Midlands to deliver your care training before speaking to us. We are very well equipped, trained and qualified to deliver your healthcare training in-house or in your premises for your convenience


We have an in-house professional who is able to and ready to assist you in any areas that you may require information and assessment. We will commit a member of our team to work with you, understand you and your requirements. He/she will then put these in a professional perspective and provide you with her qualified and professional advises which you are under no obligation to accept or take. But we will encourage you-support you

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